Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

The foundations of our products and systems are based on the use of the best available technologies and the work of our R & D department in order to treat various types of wastes. Kocaeli Arıtma; offers services such as leading industry technologies, widespread network and technical support team to solve your treatment problems in accordance with your budget.

"Industry and waste are inseparable. Wastes are the realities of life wherever there is industry."

Industrial wastewater treatment is a specialized area. The solution of industrial plants with different levels of pollution in every application requires good engineering and experience. As a result of its care and detailed working principle, Kocaeli Arıtma; distinguishes itself from its competitors with its R & D department.


Through high purity water treatment technology and similar services, Kocaeli Arıtma helps industrialists and producers to achieve the specific water quality demanded by them. Our company also helps to establish systems suitable for increasing wastewater regimes to industrialists by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. In brief we can list our company principles as follows:

– Reliable Service,
– Maintenance
– Spare part,
– Installation services
– A stability-oriented approach, regardless of project size

Water and wastewater treatment has been critical for every industry. Each industry has a number of demands, from process water to wastewater, to determine its own refining requirements. Kocaeli Arıtma is ready to help you meet these demands.


Whether you need cleaning water for containers, cleaning process or wastewater treatment plant, we design, build and operate complete water and waste water treatment systems to suit your requirements.