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Waste Acceptance Station is a facility in which bilge water, waste water, sludge, waste oil and garbage of the vessels, that came to the ports for loading/unloading purposes, are received and separated to different containers according to the Picking Wastes from Vessels and Waste Control Regulations”.

In the scope of MARPOL Appendix-I, the bilge water will be dewaterized in our Waste Acceptance Station, residual waste water will be treated in our plant and will be discharged according to the provisions of (Regulation for Water Pollution Control) S.K.K.Y. Sludge, waste oil and dewaterized bilge water will be eliminated in the licensed facilities.


Waste water shall be treated and discharged in our facilities, which are subjected to provisions of MARPOL Annex-IV (Regulation for Water Pollution Control) S.K.K.Y. Garbage wastes that subjected to MARPOL Annex-V will be sent to solid waste depot of the municipalities for elimination.