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The ODORPAC deodorizer system neutralizes unwanted odors, which are completely different from those used to suppress unwanted odors so far. Odorpac system is applied in places where the annoying odor completely disappears, the product’s own fragrance is only very lightly spread to the environment.


In this system, bad smells and perfume certainly do not mix. The ODORPAC unit, which is placed in the room, absorbs the ambient air with the aerator blower and brings it into contact with the special chemical liquid contained in the reactor tank. Annoying odors react with the chemical in the reactor and leave the odor molecules in the structure of the liquid. Thus, leaving the reactor, is finally perfumed to leave the ambient air with a pleasantly fresh water.

It is also easy to install and operate. The only intervention required is the replacement of the reactor liquid and the replacement of the perfuming cartridge at certain time intervals.


ODORPAC unit is the most suitable odor remover for human and environmental health. Because ODORPAC does not contain any alcohol or petroleum derivatives in any way. CFC and other ozone layer are used without penetrating chemicals.